all I'm losing is me. (see_her_bleed) wrote in screw_your_face,
all I'm losing is me.


Why're you so ugly: because i am. duh.
Name: christina
Have you hit puberty, yet: sure have
Height: 5'6
Most Valuable Possesion: my cd collection
What decorates your walls: posters of every band i cant hink of. im kidna drunk right now but i wanna join cause i'm rad yeahh
Do Animals turn you on? If so.. which animal(s): nah.
Which three people you want to sleep with: chris conley from std. conor oberst from bright eyes and this kid brad.
Most embarrasing thing about your body: i have hips like its nobody elses business
How many STD's do you have and what are they: i like saves the day. they are std. i have all their cds. thats limke 7
How can we piss you off: thats hard. tal;kabout my grandpa. he died las tmonth.
What makes you the happiest? (And if you're too cool to be happy.. What would make you happy?) my friends, drinking and music
Four things that turn you on: hip bones, piercings, shaggy hair and a sense of humor
Four things that turn you off: septum peiccrings, diry guys, drug addicts and no sense of humor
Your opinions on:
1. Pissing in the shower: i did tht the other day acutaly
2. Old men hitting on young women: gross.
3. Vaginal blood: eh we go thorugh it. just dont have sex on your period gross
4. Disney movies: lame but have hidden sexual meanings so they're kinda cool
5. You're a filthy cunt: its not filthy but if it was i'd be gross outed
And Lastly
Why should we let you be apart of screw_your_face? cause i'm fucking rad and there's not much else.

+ Now that thats done.. We wanna see atleast four clear pictures of your face. sorry kid i have pictuers, you saw them but im too drunk do do all htos e codes rihg tnow
+ You can post body pictures if you want. They're most likely to get you more yes'. hah same as thea lst uqeston

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