all I'm losing is me. (see_her_bleed) wrote in screw_your_face,
all I'm losing is me.

yeah lets try this one again. application.

now that i'm not a drunken asshole.

Fill it out
Why're you so ugly: Science cannot even explain.
Name: Christina
Have you hit puberty, yet: yeah, I have. I grew tits at about age ten. The blood came flowing shortly after.
Height: 5'6
Most Valuable Possesion: When my mom kicked me out of my house, the first thing I thought to grab was my journal. So i guess that'd be my most valuable possesion.
What decorates your walls: magazine clippings from WonkaVision, posters of various bands, and for some reason every time i get a cd, i peel off the top sticky part that says the band and the cd name and stick it on the wall next to my door.
Do Animals turn you on? If so.. which animal(s): i fucking hate animals.
Which three people you want to sleep with: chris from std, conor from BE cause he seams like a psychotic monster locked up in that scrawny body and this guy brad cause he has his dick pierced and i've never had the pleasure of experiencing that yet.
Most embarrasing thing about your body: my feet. i don't like them. and when i dont wear socks they smell pretty rank.
How many STD's do you have and what are they: ask me this again when I get into Rutgers University. i'm sure i'll be able to give you a nice list.
How can we piss you off: talk about my grandpa that died last month. that'd be pretty fuckin dick of you though.
What makes you the happiest? (And if you're too cool to be happy.. What would make you happy?) the occasional friend, drinking with a few friends and just bullshitting. a good show.
Four things that turn you on: piercings, hip bones, biting, hair pulling.
Four things that turn you off: guys that smell rank, bad teeth, shy guys, nasty feet
Your opinions on:
1. Pissing in the shower: as long as you wash afterwards, why the hell not.
2. Old men hitting on young women: gross. my gym teacher just got arrested for being a pedaphile. he's a fucking scum bag.
3. Vaginal blood: we'll have it until we go into menopause. deal.
4. Disney movies: annoying but they have sexual meanings behind their lame animation.
5. You're a filthy cunt: its' pretty fucking clean, kthnx
And Lastly
Why should we let you be apart of []screw_your_face? why the fuck not. though from the looks of my first application, i probably won't get in. but i'm active in all the communities i post in, i promote and i'm pretty fucking cool once you get past my obnoxious drunk self. and i'm a cunt. kthnxbye.


p.s. the eyebrow ring has a bellybutton ring in it because i'm too fucking poor and lazy to go out and get a new ring. everyone always seems to have a smart ass comment about it, so i'll just warn you all beforehand. k.

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