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Why're you so ugly: I got hit with a bigggg bag of "WHAT THE FUCK".
Name: Raven (Yes, this is my real name bizartch)
Have you hit puberty, yet: I bleed five days from a hole in my body, and I don't die.. I'm puber-tized and un-natural.
Height: 5'4
Most Valuable Possesion: My tapons. I always run out.
What decorates your walls: See above.
Do Animals turn you on? If so.. which animal(s): George Dubbya Bush.
Which three people you want to sleep with: Jimmy Urine, Dianananananananana, and Courtney Love. Mmmm. All at the same time.
Most embarrasing thing about your body: I don't tan. I'm not even considered pale anymore, just .. paper.
How many STD's do you have and what are they: Whatever the hell dirtydie gave me.
</span> How can we piss you off: TyP3 L1K DISSSSSssssssss
What makes you the happiest? (And if you're too cool to be happy.. What would make you happy?)

My guitar.
Four things that turn you on: Biting, lesbians, biting lebsians, drag queens
Four things that turn you off: stupidity, COCKS, testosterone, guys with stupid obsessions.. like.. anime. Or. Swords. Or.. videogames.
Your opinions on:
1. Pissing in the shower: It's gonna go to the same place, and it's bound to come out sometime.
2. Old men hitting on young women: I'm going to be an old lady hitting on young women, so to each his own. Or her own..
3. Vaginal blood: mmm. Tacos.
4. Disney movies: Are good for frisbys.
5. You're a filthy cunt: I'd rather be a filthy cunt than a filthy penis.
And Lastly
Why should we let you be apart of screw_your_face?
To make my carebear happy.


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