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I'm new and shit.

Why're you so ugly: Big nose due to my mutt genes

Name: Maggie

Have you hit puberty, yet: Yea, framed the stained underwear. Mommy was so proud, the whole fucking family knew.

Height: 5'3

Most Valuable Possesion: Photo album or pink vibrator.

What decorates your walls: Hats, skeletons of my human sacrifices, my Alice in Wonderland, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Nightmare Before Christmas memorbilia.

Do Animals turn you on? If so.. which animal(s): Sometimes when I'm watching the Discovery Channel...................

Which three people you want to sleep with: Tim Curry (25 years ago), Jamie Maddrox, Marilyn Manson

Most embarrasing thing about your body: My ghetto motherfucking booty. Just too bootylucious.

How can we piss you off: Rejecting me without giving me some reasons.

What makes you the happiest? (And if you're too cool to be happy.. What would make you happy?)Pain, tattoos, piercings, bright eyeshadow, and some motherfucking cock.

Four things that turn you on: Intelligence, blue eyes, honesty, humor

Four things that turn you off: Acne, body odor, spit, stupidity

Your opinions on:
1. Pissing in the shower:
When ya gotta go ya fucking gotta go. You're in the god damned shower! Name a better place!

2. Old men hitting on young women: Fucking amusing as hell. It happens to me and my friends all the time. Poor old fucks,... can't even get it up anymore..... overdose on viagra and they are knocking shit off the tables.

3. Vaginal blood:MmmMmmmmm menstral milkshakes.

4. Disney movies:I use them as shimmys, to level my entertainment center. They are wonderful.

5. You're a filthy cunt:Like your mom.

And Lastly
Why should we let you be apart of screw_your_face?b>Because I love a good fight.

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