First- AID (dirtydie) wrote in screw_your_face,
First- AID

Before the Love Parade

In the car
I stole these from a small video we took. If you guys know how/where i can host them so I can put them on here let me know?

At the love Parade

This is a friend we made at the love Parade. All I remember is he was rolling, hes gay and is Canadian. He had a crush on one of the guys dancing in front. And he kept saying how "gorgeous" and "beautiful" Wake and I were. But I think he just meant Wake.

A screenshot of Barbra and John dancing

Another screenshot.

This is another screenshot of Barbras ass while shes dancing. its a cute little video

Wake and one of his favorite DJs DjDan

Wake again, I forgot his friends name. They hadn't seen eachother in years, I think.

A Screenshot of Wake and I

Not only is this girl extremely cute, but shes cool as hell. Shes our new friend.

There was this huge long line to get Thai food and she and her friends were up front and were cool enough to let us in line.

Barbras friends and us. They were stoned. And that girl kept staring at me.

On our way home from The Love Parade
Yeah we took public transportation. I almost slit my wrists.

Smile of panic.

Hes fuckin' hot.


Getting off the train.

Love in the train station.

Fun, right?
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