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Why're you so ugly: I blame genetics and the drinking water
Have you hit puberty, yet: Fuck yeah I hit that bitch.                                                                                                          
Height:6 ft 1 inch
Most Valuable Possesion: My imagination
What decorates your walls:     nicotine stains, finger prints, photos, paint, and sperm
Do Animals turn you on? If so.. which animal(s):how bout no.
Which three people you want to sleep with: Bjork, Marilyn Manson, You
Most embarrasing thing about your body: I have a really big brown freckle next to my asshole
How can we piss you off: kill my dog
What makes you the happiest? (And if you're too cool to be happy.. What would make you happy?) Ecstacy
Four things that turn you on: high heels, corsets, humiliation, junkies
Four things that turn you off: fat people, hairy people, old people, and religion
Your opinions on:
1. Pissing in the shower: I frequently piss on people in the shower. I think it's really funny when you do it and they don't know.
2. Old men hitting on young women: gross but if he has that much confidence then more power to him.                               3. Vaginal blood: I'm actually a big fan as gross as that may be. It's a really big turn on.
4. Disney movies:I'm glad walt is dead.
5. You're a filthy cunt: I doubt it
And Lastly
Why should we let you be apart of </a></font></a>screw_your_face?

Beacause I just spent all this time filling out this silly application. Oh, and because I'm sex.


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